Small Stitched Whisk Hand Broom - Mountain Sage, Green, Black

Small Stitched Whisk Hand Broom - Mountain Sage, Green, Black
Profile view with hand for scale
Sorghum & Leather Handmade Brooms are fully functional and are made to be used
Hand and brick for scale
Back of broom with black leather hangtag
Top of broom handle is carved into a dome shape

Sorghum & Leather Brooms are both functional and decorative. Each broom is handmade one at a time with basic tools.

This small 9" turkey wing hand broom is made with natural broomcorn. It has Mountain Sage, Dark Green and Black cord. There is one row of black stitching. The hang tag is black reclaimed leather.

Materials: natural broomcorn, nylon cording, reclaimed leather.

This broom is ready to ship within 3 business days of ordering.

  • All leather is reclaimed and otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.
  • Ships to the continental US only. You'll receive a tracking number. Sorghum & Leather is unable to ship outside the continental US.

Every broom made, plants a native tree in the western USA, including Colorado, California, and Oregon.

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