Moss Broom 1 - Navy and Nettle - Blue Leather - Dyed Black Turkey Wing Broom

Moss Broom with Navy and Nettle cording, blue hangtag, real moss
One row of stitching
Long blue leather hangtag

Sorghum & Leather Brooms are both functional and decorative. Each broom is handmade one at a time with basic tools.

The Moss Broom!

Moss oftentimes is associated with setting intentions, softness, patience, humility, wealth, forest, mothering, shadow work, boundary work.

This turkey wing hand broom is made with dyed black broomcorn. The cording is in Navy and Nettle (dark green.) The long hang tag is thin blue leather. There is one line of stitching in Nettle color.

The broomcorn and moss used is a dried plant material and will age over time, but otherwise will withstand normal use or on display.

Materials: dyed broomcorn, nylon cording, reclaimed leather, real preserved moss.

****Black broomcorn is not water or food safe.*****

  • All leather is reclaimed and otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.
  • Black broomcorn brooms are not food or water safe.
  • Slow shipping to the continental US only. You'll receive a tracking number. Sorghum & Leather is unable to ship outside the continental US.

Every broom made, plants a native tree in the western USA, including Colorado, California, and Oregon.

⁂ ⁂ ⁂ Care for your broom: Handmade brooms will last for a long time if cared for. It is suggested that brooms be hung to keep weight off of the natural fibers. If your broom starts to look splayed at the sweeping ends of the broomcorn, soak the end (not handle) in water for 20 minutes, shake off excess water and reshape. If needed, tie with twine or rubber band overnight. Be sure to dry very thoroughly and avoid using the broom until fully dry. The color of broomcorn will change over the life of the broom, especially if stored in sunlight or outdoors, or from the oil on our hands.

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