How can I contact you?

Email is best! You can email me at

Where does Sorghum & Leather source materials?

I grow a small amount of heirloom sorghum broomcorn from seed, harvest and dry the plant, brush out the seeds and save them for next season. The rest of the broomcorn is sourced from a farm in Mexico and imported to Texas by a family-owned company that has been doing so for over 60 years.

All leather is reclaimed in order to reduce their waste and stress on the environment.

How does Sorghum & Leather lessen its enviromental impact?

For each product sold and for each workshop participant, a donation is made to plant a tree in the Western USA. Over 500 trees have been planted in Colorado and over 100 trees in other states such as California and Oregon.

All broomcorn scraps are made into other styles such as pot-scrubbers, or vermicomposted. All leather scraps are utilized in broom hanging tabs.

Sorghum & Leather grows a small amount of their own heirloom broomcorn. This process uses pesticide free, companion planting, and organic methods. The vermicompost from the production process is used on future crops.

Do you do custom work?

As time allows, yes, I love custom work. Send a message with requested details. All custom work must be prepaid. Customs are handmade with care in the order received and take 3-4 weeks before shipping.

Can you teach a class near me?

Sorghum & Leather Handcrafted Brooms is currently not teaching workshops. When new workshops or classes are available, they will be added to the Events section of this site.

Where are the broom craft workshops located?

Each workshop has its own location in the greater Denver area as noted on each event's page.

What do I need to bring to a broomcraft workshop?

Nothing! Everything you'll need is provided.

Do I need to be artistic or have previous knowledge to attend a workshop?

Not at all! Workshops are designed for beginners. There is an intrinsic quality to making brooms in a group circle that brings out creativity and excitement in everyone.

Can my child attend a broomcraft workshop?

Yes! We ask that participants are ages 12 and up. Broom making at any age can inspire and empower. You are welcome to help faciliate your child's making, however the workshop price covers materials for one finished broom. Please sign up for two people if you both would like to make brooms.

Do you have virtual broommaking workshops? Do you sell broommaking supplies?

No, currently Sorghum & Leather does not host virtual workshops, nor sell supplies.